Nomadic Art Travel is a direct and local tour agency. We offer a range of tour packages to experience the most gorgeous areas of the country with stunning landscapes while being a part of unique nomadic culture. We are a dynamic and dedicated team of the locals with extensive experiences.


Spreading Sustainability

Nomadic Art Travel is passionately operated environmentally friendly. Our trip strives to leave no trace and we contribute a few sustainable projects to help make a better community.

Best Itinerary

Nomadic Art Travel offers the tour packages through the most extraordinary and unexplored area by tourism with support of our experience and providing good staffs, and best services.

Best Activities

Nomadic Art Travel offers more enriching experiences such as trekking supported yoga and meditation that connect you more deeply with the culture, landscape and people of Mongolia.

Meet Our Team

Mrs. DAGVA Jambatseren

Mrs. DAGVA Jambatseren

Founder & Director

Davka was born and grew up in the western Mongolia. She has been working as a tour guide, manager and lecturer since 2006. Davka has been led for the last ten years the horse riding, hiking, trekking and classic tours and outdoors all around Mongolia. She has valuable experiences of guiding and organizing of the tours and strongly cares to operate environmental friendly. She works hard with her team to provide safe and excellent services. Davka loves to travel, ride a horse and sew traditional clothes "deel".

Mr. BUYANBAT Lkhagva

Mr. BUYANBAT Lkhagva

Co - Founder & Meditation Instructor

Buyanbat has been part of the adventure tourism industry for twenty- seven years as a tour leader in the all over Mongolia. He is also a meditation instructor in Tantric Buddhism. His interests have always been interwoven with his work and jobs have included: Annual International Marathon in Mongolia. The main focus of his work in this industry is sustainable tourism and he has acted as a coach for tourism and hospitality business. He loves to travel, trek and hiking.



Co-Founder & Head of Management Team

Otgoo has M.A. and B.A. degrees of International Trade in Business Administration, of the National University of Mongolia. She has been working as a tour guide and manager for many years. She has extensive experiences in tourism management. She really wants to make her contribution to develop green tourism in Mongolia and improve the service quality by bringing her inventions to the sector.

Mrs. GANTSETSEG Batochir

Mrs. GANTSETSEG Batochir

Yoga Instructor and Therapist

Gantsetseg, a teacher and therapist has been teaching yoga sessions in Mongolia since 2001. Ganaa intensively practices over the years in Ashtanga - Vinyasa, Therapeutic and Zen yoga. She established, ran, and taught in a yoga studio for over 10 years, running workshops around the world, and guided many yoga festivals and conventions in Mongolia and South Korea. She is a senior therapist in deep tissues and a certified yoga instructor by the Mongolian Yoga Association. She is a founder and teacher at the Zen Yoga Studio in Ulaanbaatar. She has been working as a yoga Instructor with us on many wonderful trekking through Mongolia. Ganaa is an energetic trekker, also gifted writer and mother of her three lovely children. She has been trained many wonderful yoga teachers.



Marketing & Sales Manager

Tsolmon is an outdoor yoga teacher and plant-based diet expert.

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