Our Story

Gobi Mountain Lake Expeditions is a local tour agency that offers different experiences and itineraries throughout Mongolia and its most gorgeous places. Combining the experience of nearly 30 years of travel practices and with the insight of local Tour Leaders experts in their fields, we are proud to introduce Gobi Mountain Lake Expeditions to the World, and offer the best local experience.

We as a Team, realized that Tourism and its practices in Mongolia needed to change and evolve, in order to respect both the country’s identity through its people, nature, wildlife and culture and our visitors. Nowadays, more and more people express various needs while traveling, and we often saw that there was a key element missing in order to fully understand and enjoy Mongolia.

We decided to focus on unique adventures, with a different approach of the Land, to really enhance the feelings of those who deeply want to immerse themselves into the culture, the knowledge of the landscapes, people, and wildlife.

We believe that it is important for our guests to experience everything they can get while in Mongolia, and have more through services that makes us unique: combining multi-activity itineraries, quality fresh food, comfortable accommodations, and contributing to the wellbeing of everyone with yoga, meditation, and massages on location.

Those who travel with Gobi Mountain Lake Expeditions will not only keep very deep and joyful memories of Mongolia by itself, but also have long lasting benefits from their experience both for their health and mind. Our philosophy is to grow as people with our guests, and develop sustainable practices that will benefit as well for our Land.

To successfully experience unexplored and remote nature of our country, we focus on exclusive comfortable, and modern equiped nature friendly outdoor camping through out of our expeditions.  



Founder & Head Instructor for trekking


Founder & Tour Leader


Founder & Tour Leader


Yoga Instructor and Therapist


Founder & Tour leader, Nature Trekking Instructor


As we are a member of the community, we love contribute to build a better future. We are striving to bring sustainable tourism and sustainable development into our lives. We only offer the tours which is kind to local community and to the nature. By booking our tours, you help to maintain the diversity of plants, animals, and cultural heritage and promote economic success and fair distribution of local community benefits. Thanks of our honored customers and team members, we organize a few project for developing sustainable tourism in Mongolia.

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