Two weeks multi-activity trekking through the most beautiful landscapes and unexplored area by tourism in the western Mongolia opens high mountains with spectacular panoramas of glaciers, gorgeous waterfalls, sand dunes, lakes, expansive grasslands and an authentic nomadic culture. It will be the best trekking in lifetime that supported with guided meditation, yoga sessions and healthy meals. 


  • Hike in the Ikh khairkhan Mountai
  • Explore extraordinary Ulaagchiny Black Lake 
  • Trekking in Mount Kharkhiraa and Mount Turgen
  • Daily guided meditation sessions
  • Daily yoga sessions 
  • Healthy meals
  • Visit a nomad family

Is this right tour for me?

Travel Style: Hiking

Physical Rating:  Average
Linght walking and hiking suitable for most fitness levels. 

What is included ?

  • Airport or train station pickup and drop off for arrival and departure 24/7
  • 2 nights in 3* hotel in Ulaanbaatar, breakfast included
  • All meals during the tour including water and snacks
  • 7 nights in comfortable ger camp with warm showers
  • 2 night in a local nomadic family, in guest ger
  • 2 nights in a tent
  • Ground travel in 4WD vehicle 
  • English-speaking guide, local horse guides, drivers and cook
  • Hire of the Mongolian horse and all equestrian equipment ( saddle, helmet, and tack etc.) 
  • Entrance fees for the parks and museums, temples, monasteries and  the Mongolian traditional show at Tumen Ekh, as indicated in the program
  • Equipment for camping & meals ( camping tables and chairs) and travel shower, sleeping bag, mats, tents

Naadam Festival Extension available July 11-12th, 2020, $ 600 USD

What is NOT included?

  • International transport
  • Passport and visa fees
  • Repatriation insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Drinks & alcohols extras
  • Meals in Ulaanbaatar
  • Phone calls
  • Any excursion that is not indicated in the program

Day 1. Visit an former capital, Kharkhorin

Depends on arrival time, we'll do a half day city tour then we'll travel from Ulaanbaatar to Kharkhorin town, former capital of the Mongol Empire. The legendary city was founded by Chingis Khaan in 1220. The Mongolian most oldest and attractive monasteries Erdene Zuu, was built in 1585 by Abtai Sain Khan, is located there.  On the way, we will take a short  walk to stretch at Elsen Tasarkha Sand Dunes. Once we reach Kharkhorin, we will visit Erdene Zuu Monastery then accommodate near from the town in a peaceful eco ger camp and relax. B, L & D
Accommodation    Anja ger camp
Driving:                   380 km - 5 hours  

Day 2. Khorgo volcano and White Lake National Park

After breakfast, we will head to Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur (White lake) with relatively pure fresh water and Khorgo volcano in the Khangai Mountain range is located in the central Mongolia. Khorgo Mountain is an extinct volcano, which lies east of the White lake. On  the way, we will stop to enjoy one of the biggest volcanic Canyoan, Chuluut. Once we arrive the NP, we will  take a walk up to a creator of a volcano at 2200m.  Overnight in a tourist camp B, L & D
Accommodation    Maikhan Tolgoi ger camp
Driving:                   320 km - 6 hours                

Day 3. Ulaagchini Black Lake

Today we'll take a road to Ulaagchiny Black Lake in Zavkhan province. We will pass Two biggest Pass in Khangai Mountain and drive through the stunning view of mountain, forest and nomadic camp sites to reach the Lake.  The Black lake is located in western plateau of Khangai Mountain Range, one of the most beautiful freshwater lakes of the country that is surrounded by beautiful Tovkhosh Mountain and the northern shoreline with Bor Khyarin sand dunes. Stay overnight in a tent near from the lake. B, L & D
Driving:                   400 km - 8 hours

Day 4. Hiking along the shoreline of the Ulaagchini Black lake

After morning yoga,  we will take a hike (supported by vehicle ) along the shoreline and up to the sand dunes to explore stunning view of the surrounding area. Shoreline of the lake has a lot of beautiful peninsulas and bays that penetrate into the lake water. This is an area where meet Gobi Desert, Mountains and Lake. We will take a yoga session and picnic lunch at the Sand dunes. Enjoy swimming and the beautiful sunset there. Stay overnight in a tent. B, L & D
Hiking:                    16 km – Easy

Day 5. Trekking to the Great Mongolian Sand Dunes

After morning yoga session, we will trek to the Great Mongolian Sand dunes that is the most beautiful and biggest sand plate located here. Enjoy Gobi Mountain trekking with a walk through the stunning valley as it rises into a ridge mountain.  Stay overnight in a tent. B, L & D    
Hiking:                    15 km - Moderate

Day 6. Trekking to the Great Mongolian sand dunes and amazing Dune River

Following morning yoga, we will take a day pleasant trek to Mukhart Shivert River, an incredible oasis surrounded by 400 m massive sand dunes with river flowing, bushwood and trees with wild fruits. It is one of the water sources in Great Mongolian Sand Dunes, stretches 300 km. Stay overnight in a tent. B, L & D                  
Hiking:                    18 km - Moderate

Day 7. Great Rocky Mountains of the western Gobi 

We head to the gigantic mountain Ikh Khairkhan, a sacred Mountain at 2,500 m (7,464 ft) where is high spiritual place and pleasant for meditation and trekking. After 3 hours driving including a village stop, we'll arrive there. After camping, we'll start a short hiking.  The trail leads along unique outstanding rocky formations to the particularly seven rock Bowls at different heights, which pours water from a bowl to the next bowl at lower height. The Mountain naturally sculptured beautiful formation with stunning valleys, canyons and cliffs with spectacular views.  We will have a meditation session in the mountain then walk down to the campsite before dinner. Enjoy the most beautiful sunset that happen there. Stay overnight in a tent. B, L & D 
Driving:                    80 km -  3 hours
Hiking:                       10 km - Easy

Day 8.  A day in the Great Rocky Mountains ( trekking to the Eyes of Elephant)

Starting at the campsite, we will hike up to the nearby viewpoint for an excellent view from above. The landscape is magnificent. The Ikh Khairkhan and surrounding area has been home to a colony of over 150 of ibex for over 100 years. Today we possibly can observe ibex up close and become part of this unforgettable natural spectacle. We will have a meditation and yoga sessions and explore the Mother Cave. It is the longest of other 108 caves in the mountain, 137 m long and with two gates that the symbol of rebirth. Overnight spend in a tent. Have a picnic lunch in the mountain. Overnight in a tent. B, L & D                   
Hiking:                     15 km  - Moderate

Day 9. Mount Kharkhiraa and Mount Turgen

After morning yoga, we take a road to Kharkhiraa and Turgen mountains in Uvs province, part of the Altai Mountain Range. Kharkhiraa Mountain is elevated 4,037 m. Turgen’s Mountain has an elevation of 3,965 meters. There are over 10 snowy mountain peaks and glaciers in the Kharkhiraa and Turgen mountains. This is an area of alpine lakes, swift mountain streams, vast glaciers and expansive grasslands. A pleasant stop at the Khayargas. in the evening short walk to the Goojuur waterfall side.  Arrive in Goojuur camp in turgen Mountain, the starting point of the trek. Stay overnight in a ger. B, L & D                    
Accommodation        Goojuur ger camp

Day 10. Trekking to the to the Land of Waterfalls  

Three and two days outdoor to the mountain falls see the peak the Turgen Mountain. 10 trekking, 11 trekkiing 11-12

After morning yoga session, we will load our luggage on the camelback and begin the trekking supported with a camel caravan that carries our luggage and camp to "the land of waterfalls". After 4 hours hiking, we will reach the at altitude is over 2,8000 m. As we reach there, we will have spectacular views of valleys and of the stunning white glaciers. Have a picnic lunch and meditation session. Overnight tented camping. B, L & D                    
Driving:                     150 km - 5 hours 
Hiking:                       15 km - Moderate

Day 11. Trekking to the Mountain side Mount Turgen  

After early morning yoga session, we will hike up to reach Many waterfalls in Turgen Mountain. We will trek through the Turgen Mountain, lying at 3,000 m above sea level to reach the The pass is located between the Kharhiraa and Turgen glaciers, both over 4,000 m high. As we pass between the glaciers we will have spectacular views of both valleys on either side of the pass, and of the stunning white glaciers. B, L & D                    
Hiking:                      18 km - Moderate

Day 12. Trekking back to the camp

After a morning yoga, we will continue the trekking down through the valley to reach the Goojuur camp. This wonderful valley has a flora and remarkable geological formations in complete contrast to earlier landscapes. Enjoy the stunning view of the snow-capped high mountains. Our last day of trekking bring us back to the camp where we will meet our vehicles. Today we will visit a nomad family and experience the way of nomadic life. Stay overnight in a ger at the camp. B, L & D                    
Accommodation       Goojuur ger camp
Hiking:                      15 km- Moderate

Day 13-14. Uureg Lake

Following a morning yoga session, we will head to Uureg Lake, which lies close to the Russian border. visit the nomad family to experience a nomadic way of life. It is a large, beautiful slightly salt-water lake surrounded by glorious mountains with snow-capped peaks 3,000 m height and more such as Tsagaan Shuvuut Mountain (3.496m) and is a great place for trekking. We will take a walk along the shoreline of the Lake. Overnight in a tent. B, L & D                    
Driving:                      60 km - 3 hours

Day 15. Uvs province if we'll have time, we'll see the Uvs Lake 

Day 16. Flight back to Ulaanbaatar

We will have morning yoga and take a short walk to explore the around. In the afternoon, we drive to Ulaangom town for a flight to Ulaanbaatar. Take a flight for 2 hours. Our driver will pick up from the airport to transfer you to the hotel. B, L & D 
Accommodation      Holiday Inn Hotel
Driving:                    120 km - 4 hours
Flight:                       2 hours

Day 17. Departure

We will go with you to the international airport of Ulaanbaatar. The transfer can be organized at the time you want, according to the schedule of your flight. 

Breakfast                   Holiday Inn Hotel

Group leader & Meditation Instructor


Language:   German, English & Russian
Buya has been part of the adventure tourism industry for twenty- seven years as a tour leader in the all over Mongolia, one of the pioneer tour leader in the Mongolian Tourism. Buyaa has been exploring the country through mountaineering, and trekking with a growing interest in trekking and outdoor activity. He is also a meditation instructor in Tantric Buddhism. His interests have always been interwoven with his work and jobs have included: Annual International Marathon in the Gobi desert, the Central Mongolia and Working as a trekking leader throughout Altai Mountain, Gobi Desert, the northern and western Mongolia. The main focus of his work in this industry is sustainable tourism and he has acted as a consultant and coach for tour guides and travel companies. 


Language:    English & Russian
Gantsetsge, teacher and therapist has been teaching yoga in Mongolia since 2001. Ganaa intensively practices over the years in Ashtanga - Vinyasa, Therapeutic and Zen yoga. She established, ran, and taught in a yoga studio for over 10 years, running workshops around the world, and guided many yoga festivals and conventions in Mongolia and South Korea. She is a senior therapist in deep tissues and a certified yoga instructor by the Mongolian Yoga Association. She is a founder and teacher at the Zen Yoga Studio in Ulaanbaatar. She has been working as a yoga Instructor with us on many wonderful trekking through Mongolia. Ganaa is an energetic trekker, gifted writer and mother of her three lovely children. She has been trained many wonderful yoga teachers.   





Start Date:

2020/ 07/17

End Date:

2020/ 08/ 04

Group size:

5 - 12

  Price: US $ 3400



Mongolia is the place to go if you are looking for solitude, wide open spaces, clear blue skies and a true wilderness experience. It abounds in rare wildlife, pristine scenery and unique culture. It was the best tour ever in lifetime.


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