A discovery for two weeks through the central Mongolia and Gobi Desert is included visiting Erdene Zuu Monastery, discovering Przewalski's wild horses, ancient capital Kharkhorum, waterfall  and sand dunes,  will experience, riding a horse and camel and anembark an authentic nomadic culture. 


  • Przewalski's wild horses in the Hustai National Park  
  • Hiking in Khugnukhan Mountain
  • Erdene Zuu Monastery 
  • Orkhon Valley
  • Flamming Cliffs
  • Sunset at Khongor Sand dunes
  • Gobi Three Beautis National Park
  • Healthy meals
  • Visit a nomad family

Is this right tour for me?

Travel Style: Hiking

Physical Rating:  Average
Linght walking and hiking suitable for most fitness levels. 

What is included ?

  • Airport or train station pickup and drop off for arrival and departure 24/7
  • 2 nights in 3* hotel in Ulaanbaatar, breakfast included
  • All meals during the tour including water and snacks
  • 7 nights in comfortable ger camp with warm showers
  • 2 night in a local nomadic family, in guest ger
  • 2 nights in a tent
  • Ground travel in 4WD vehicle 
  • English-speaking guide, local horse guides, drivers and cook
  • Hire of the Mongolian horse and all equestrian equipment ( saddle, helmet, and tack etc.) 
  • Entrance fees for the parks and museums, temples, monasteries and  the Mongolian traditional show at Tumen Ekh, as indicated in the program
  • Equipment for camping & meals ( camping tables and chairs) and travel shower, sleeping bag, mats, tents

Naadam Festival Extension available July 11-12th, 2020, $ 600 USD

What is NOT included?

  • International transport
  • Passport and visa fees
  • Repatriation insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Drinks & alcohols extras
  • Meals in Ulaanbaatar
  • Phone calls
  • Any excursion that is not indicated in the program

Full Itinerary

 Day 1. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and visit the city


Our driver will meet you at the airport and transfer to your hotel, settling in, and rest. You will meet your guide at the hotel. Discover the Chingis Khaan Square. In the evening, we will enjoy Mongolian performances including folk dances, throat singing and contortion at Tumen Ekh.  

Accommodation     Holiday Inn Hotel

 Day 2. Discover the Przewalski's horses in wild

Hustai National Park

Driving:  150 km - 3 h
Hiking: 5 km

We travel from Ulaanbaatar to Hustai National Park, visiting the Gandantegchilen Monastery at Mongolian Buddhist center on the way. The park is home to the world's only wild herd of Przewalski's horses, an ancient breed that was saved from extinction. Once we get there, we’ll hike in the Park to discover the Przewalski's horses, roe deer and marmots as well as other wild animals. Staying in a traditional yurt -ger under the stars.

B, L & D
       Hustai ger camp 

Day 3. Elsen Tasarkhai and Khugnu Tarna's Nature Reserve

Khugnu Khan Mountain

Driving:  200 km - 3 h
Hiking: 10 km - Moderate

 After breakfast, we will head to granite Mountain Khugnu Khan and Elsen Tasarkhai sand dunes which is a semi desert typed beautiful landscape. Once we reach there, we will visit the Erdene Khamba’s temple, dates back to 17th century. From the temple, we will start walk up to reach a ruin of Uvgun temple. This Mountain is a sacred Mountain with stunning rocky formations. The view of the surrounding area is great. The trail leads through rocky the valley with outstanding scenery. Stay overnight in a tent at the bottom of the mountain.  

B, L & D
       Tented Camping 

Day 4. Visit the former Mongolian capital, Kharkhorin


Driving:  90 km -  1,5 h

After a breakfast, we will take a short journey to the Elsen Tasakhai sand dunes, take a walk to stretch then continue our journey to Kharkhorin town, former capital of the Mongol Empire. The legendary city was founded by Chingis khan in 1220. One of the Mongolian oldest and attractive monasteries Erdene Zuu, was built in 1585 by Abtai Sain Khan, is located there.  Once we reach Kharkhorin, we will have a lunch in the town and visit Erdene Zuu Monastery, the Museum of Kharkhorum and local market place. Accommodate near from the town in a peaceful eco ger camp and relax. 

B, L & D
       Anja ger camp

Day 5. Among the nomads at Orkhon Valley

Orkhon Waterfall

Driving:  120 km - 3 h

We will head to to reach the camp of our homestay family in the Orkhon Valley, is inscribed as a World Heritage by UNESCO that nomads had been living since the prehistoric period. The picturesque landscapes, surrounded by the verdant Khangai Range, the rich fauna and flora, make this area the perfect place for a summer camp by nomads. We'll meet the family and experience a nomadic way of life for next two days. We can attend their daily duties such us milking a mare and yak, playing anklebones with children. Stay overnight in a guest ger a of nomad family. 

B, L & D                   
      Ger for guest with family 

Day 6. Riding to the Orkhon Waterfall

Orkhon waterfall

Riding: 15 km 

We'll ride from the family camp to discover the Orkhon Waterfall. The waterfall is on the Ulaan River cascades from an impressive height of 20 m (52.49 ft), formed 20 000 years ago, a result of a unique combination of earthquakes and volcano eruptions. We'll have a picnic lunch there and spend a day. Stay overnight in a same ger at the family camp, surrounded with forest of larch and overlooked Khangai Mountains. We can attend the preparation of Mongolian barbecue, khorkhog. 

B, L & D                   
Accommodation     Ger for guest with family

Day 7. Arrive in the Gobi Desert  

Ongi's Monastery

Driving: 290 km - 8 h

Today is the longest driving day. We will leave forest zone and head to Middle Gobi,  the Ongi Monastery where 1000 lamas used to meditate and to study Buddha’s teaching. This area is one of the energy gathering points among locals. Energy of this majestic area and comfort of VIP camp make us relaxed and energetic after a long day. We will take a short walk to explore the ruins of the Monastery and to see the sunset views from the nearby cliffs. Stay overnight in a ger.

B, L & D                  
Accommodation     Secret of Ongi camp

Day 8. Flaming Cliffs  

Flaming Cliffs - Bayan Zag

Driving: 170 km – 4 h
Hiking:  8 km  - Easy

Following breakfast, a journey takes us to Bayanzag, brilliantly colorful cliffs, the most important place for finding the first discovery of dinosaur petrified eggs in the world that was made by American scientist, Roy Andrews Chapman in 1922. We will hike through the cliffs to explore around. Enjoy the stunning view of the sunset in this hidden corner of Gobi Desert. Stay overnight in a tent near to the ciffs. 

B, L & D                   
Accommodation      Tented Camping

Day 9. Khongor Sand Dunes  

Khongor Sand Dunes

Driving: 150 km - 5 h
Hiking: 5 km -  Easy

After breakfast, we head to the Khongor Sand dunes. On the way, we take a short hike up to Khavtsgait mountain to discover petroglyphs of Khavtsgait. We'll enjoy thousands of brilliant rock arts created by ancient human in the Gobi desert. The Khongor Sand dunes are one of spectacular ones in Mongolia. Stay overnight in a guest ger of nomad family.    

B, L & D                   
Accommodation      Ger for guest with family

 Day 10. A day among the camel breeders

Khongor Sand Dunes

Driving: 20 km 
Riding: 5 km

After breakfast, we will visit a camel breeder family and ride a two-humped camel. After lunch, we’ll drive to a small green oasis at the foot of the dunes. In the evening, we will climb to the top of the largest Sand dunes. The view of surrounding area from the top of dunes is amazing. We will enjoy themost  beautiful sunset in Gobi Desert. Stay overnight in a ger at the same family camp

B L & D                    
Accommodation      Ger for guest with family

 Day 11. Gobi Three Beauties National Park

Gobi Three Beauties Mountain

Driving: 150 km - 4 hours 
Hiking:  6 km -  Easy

Today we will head to the Yol Canyon in the Gobi Three Beauties National Park. The canyon is bearded vulture canyon, a deep narrow gorge with ice until in August. Once we reach there, we will take a walk for exploring the Canyon. It will be your last day in Gobi! South Gobi. After the hike, we‘ll visit a small natural museum at the entrance and drive to the camp. Stay overnight in a ger at the camp.

B, L & D                    
Accommodation       Khan Bogd camp

Day 12. Fly back to Ulaanbaatar

Dalanzadgad - Ulaanbaatar

Driving: 40 km - 1 hours
Flight:  1 hour

We’ll drive 40 km (13 miles) until Dalanzadgad for the flight to Ulaanbaatar. Our driver’ll pick up from the airport. With your guide you can go and shop in the centre of the city. 

B & L                    
Accommodation       Holiday Inn Hotel

Day 12. Departure

Flight back  

We will go with you to the international airport of Ulaanbaatar. The transfer can be organized at the time you want, according to the schedule of your flight. 

Breakfast                   Holiday Inn Hotel






Start Date:

2020/ 06/02

End Date:

2020/ 08/ 18

Group size:

5 - 10

   From US $1 900



Mongolia is the place to go if you are looking for solitude, wide open spaces, clear blue skies and a true wilderness experience. It abounds in rare wildlife, pristine scenery and unique culture. It was the best tour ever in lifetime.



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