Gobi Mountain Lake is a high-end adventure travel company
that designs and provides unforgettable travel experiences
into hidden-sacred places of Western Mongolia.


This question is really important to help understand the project we built and this beautiful adventure we are proud to share with the world. We are first and foremost a group, a team, an association of individuals that have travel at heart. We all developed this idea that in order to provide a quality service, we need to develop our very own infrastructure and culture to support the dream.

The common dream we have is to welcome anyone who is genuinely interested to immerse himself/herself into the wonderful culture of Mongolia, its history and people, but also those who express a need for different tourism, associated with health benefits, and bringing people closer to one another. That is from this reflection that we founded an amazing project to host some of the finest people of the world, to express and enjoy a unique way of traveling.

Our creations - the many Outposts, the Kharkhorin Private Homestay, and the various community projects - we developed are all here to support this idea of a journey more responsible and sensitive. Because we value human values, and we support those who need and strive for a beautiful future together with the traditions, our company started to come to life.

We are the union of 11 people all unique in our own ways and skills and sensitivity to bring our experience in this enterprise. We wanted a travel experience with the maximum benefits for both our guests and local partners, and doing so the concept of Eco-trips around the nomadic life was born. No mass tourism here, as we respect the land, the people, and the customs of Mongolia, together with beautifully decorated and comfortable camps, with details chosen to the very specific needs like the choice of beds, cutlery, pillows, etc.

The use of modern technologies made possible all these advanced services Mongolia couldn’t provide in the past, access to eco-toilets and showers in the countryside, clean and fresh food supplies, a waste management system, and even a local food factory to support all the needs of our adventurers. Although we are not a large company, we are unique in providing such beautiful experiences in incredible locations far from the masses, together with Meditation and Yoga. We are relatively new in this tourism enterprise, but this all concept has been the result of many years of reflections over the many challenges we faced in the industry, and the ways of traveling outdoors. We are proudly introducing a passionate team of diligently skilled individuals tuned loving their home country and clients and making a point in respecting nature and our own people. Bringing joy to our guests while contributing to the wealth of the people and our country is the real goal.


Traveling always was part of the experience of being human and defined us through the evolution of millions of years. As being part of our existence through many generations, it is an important tradition of our life today. In many cultures around the world, traveling is associated with knowing ourselves, as being part of this world, a community, where everyone travels. Now that it became easier and commonly helped by modern technologies, everyone has the chance to travel at least once a year. For me, it is the quickest way to change ourselves, exceed long-time existence and mind troubles, and compare yourself to others, thus allowing growth. Traveling is the treasure we always wished for because it has the capacity to transform someone, bring a new dimension and new hopes.


Gobi Mountain Lake shares a deep respect for our tour leaders. They represent the strength of the trip, responsible for all important decisions and interactions between our guests and the many people involved in their journey. They are therefore the main asset of a truly successful adventure. It is through them, that we can trust the tour and the preparation to be satisfactory for our partners and visitors. We pay our utmost attention to the selection and integration of our team members in this regard. Our company as well as our travelers gain so much from a successful integration process and training of our Tour Leaders, and investing in their future by making them part of the company is one of our pride. After some time working together, they can choose to join the core team of the company, alongside our founders. What are the qualities of our Tour Leaders? The role they play is undeniable, and we consider those who dedicate their time and efforts are doing more than a job. Most of the time, it is a passion. The key foundations above all are the fact that they are natural learners, hardworking individuals, willing to integrate new skills, and be passionate with the people they interact with. As they are trusted to take the most care of all parts of the journey, people, equipment, and the wellbeing of our travelers, they necessary are well-educated talents and cultivate this curiosity towards people, foreign cultures, and traveling in general. They are very responsible people by Nature, knowing how to behave carefully around animals, and respect the Mongolian traditions. They truly are the human face of our company to our clients. “For us, being a tour leader is not a job, but a sensible way of being involved with people and contribute to beautiful experience for everyone“ - Dagva, Co-Founder and Tour Leader, specialist of the horse riding adventures.



Some of our finest people, creating one of the best values of the trip! Our cooks are part of the Smile Mongolia Club and are themselves avid and active travelers. 
They were chosen for their experience and abilities, already helping to welcome foreigners for few summer seasons. They usually work during the winter in Ulaanbaatar or in their own provinces as cooks.

They voluntarily participate in our project when we started to develop different types of foods with Smile Mongolia Club towards nomads in the countryside. The idea is to facilitate the reduction in consuming meat.

The whole concept behind this project is founded upon several details in history: it has been reported as far as the Middle Age time when William of Ruckbruck and other Flemish emissaries met with the Great Khaan in Kharkhorin - the Capital of the Mongolian Empire - that the Mongolian nomads adapted their diet to the weather conditions and the seasons. It has been said they even observed fasting and consuming then dairy products like Aruul and milk tea or Airag in order to clean their body. This is a proven track of such diet and practices in the high plateaux of Central Asia. Mongols always handled and behaved with high respect towards their livestock, no matter the number. They even had specific respect and traditions on how to kill the animals. It was mostly prohibited to kill and eat animals during summer when many types of vegetables could grow and easily balance their diet.
But many changes happened when the Socialist period started from the first part of the 20th century, and up to today.

One essential part of the Tantric Meditation Club is respecting the same traditions, based around fact and science, principles we are proud to introduce back to the herders in the countryside. 
Following many years of bad dietary practices, Mongolia quickly became one of the most impacted countries in the world by Cancers of the stomach, essentially because of the heavy use of meat in pretty much every meal. Gobi Mountain Lake shares the same values towards having a choice in introducing a better and healthier life.

Through our knowledgeable cooks, we introduce better contents, and fresh foods, and standards to make both travel delightful but also to educate, and bring energy and healthier diets. They are the best asset of our trips, and to a broader idea, we are happy to make marry their talent with our active journeys.


The operation managers are the union of 4 individuals, each having their own skills and knowledge to help to bring the Marketing and the contents to a higher level. Helping us with their various abilities, they are interested in design, photography, and safari tours, and are well suited to lead and assist photo and video tours, and exciting journeys accessible for passionate individuals. They are very curious to learn new technics and ideas to create unforgettable journeys for adventurers and photographers alike, and they are a wonderful asset to assist any personal project while in the countryside.



Meeting with typical nomads at their home is something very interesting and worth doing. Discovering their lifestyle and ways that made them successfully survive the harsh Mongolian winters is an experience on its own. For those people who are truly born with Nature, all of their behavior, respect, and friendship is based around the environment they live in. They live, strive, and make one with Nature, in everything they do, and they will always preserve this land and ways to Handle their lives the way it has been for centuries.

Gobi Mountain Lake is really happy to introduce them to our worldwide friends, as the true identity of Mongolia’s traditions. It is hard to imagine a different way of life for them, being raised since childhood among livestock and dogs. Here, the women are incredibly strong, yet bringing comfort and warmth to anyone visiting. They are the most hospitable people. The harsh conditions of living, the weather, and the topography of the country made them the strongest and warm welcoming people you can ever encounter with. They are part of the most beautiful tradition there is in Mongolia. Watching the strength of the countryside women, makes us understand the value and the truth of all the Nation, in a society still dominated by men.

The nomads open their doors so we can be part of their world, and express gratitude to witness a preserved ancient style of life we need to stay connected with, more natural, more human.


We believe in the passion of travel and how it inspires people, connecting with locals, traveling the unexplored nature in remote locations, we have established a new reputation for creative and premium travel experiences. Our clients include individuals, families, and private groups. We as an environmentally friendly tour operator with a new travel standard, willpower, and perspective specializing in the most successful traveling to western Mongolia.