Mongolia is one of those amazing countries where nomadism remains the main lifestyle for its people. It still plays a significant role in the country’s economy today, and a majority of its population is actually living the way their ancestors did. What important to note is, that nomadism really contrasts with the new modern urban way of life we experience today. It takes its roots from the ancient cultures, and carries deep relationships with thousands of years of evolution through history. It was indeed the way of life that started to support humanity to this day.


Central asian tribes which united under the name of the Mongols, has been considered and carried nomadism as their only living resource and possibility of survival since they had to face enormous challenges in terms of natural conditions especially. The weather of the high plateaux of Central Asia especially is some of the harshest on the planet, and very unstable too. This harsh natural environment forced them settled from place to another, in hope to finding sustainable and better locations to survive. This made them become incredibly resourceful and reliant, a necessity to ensure life would prevail. Some nomadic tribes were not able to handle this lifetime commitment, and moved away from Central Asia, and towards lower and warmer grounds. But here always remained the nomadic tribes that survived, and those who were able to overcome all major problems and challenges until today and for thousands of years. Therefore, nomads are the living representants of some of the strongest and most ingenious people in our world.

Now entering the 21st Century, we are facing different nomadic tribes living in various locations of Mongolia, chosen especially for their rich environment to support life. The four main global regions of the Altai mountains (West), the Khangai mountain chain (Center), the Northern Mongolia, and Southern Gobi regions are the host of those incredible people. We find interesting that they adapted their skills and knowledge according to their very own land, living with their nature, and from it created specific cultures and traditions. That is to say each region can have its specificities, in the way they handle animals, their homes, and even their own languages/dialects.

Based on our experience and the relationships made, we are happy to introduce some of the most beautiful and original western Mongolian families, each having a different lifestyle and mainly breeding animals according to their environment. It is a pleasure to have developed friendship with those brave nomads to whom living in remote locations is both belonging to part of their past and also is an ordinary life.

You will have a chance to see how they can live easily in their locations, even without all the modern comfort we enjoy, the access to the electricity or the running water. They are living on their own, as a single family, by the cover of the mountains. Our trips are connected to those untouched and distant corners of the Mongolian West, to which are unique in their own ways. These are our main priority while we travel to Western Mongolia, within our custom journeys. In order to organize our adventures at best, we find it essential to connect with those families that both are knowledgable of the land, but also provide a warm and cultural welcome wherever we go.

Among Nomads


On our adventures into discovering the Mongolian traditions and the ancient culture, it would not be possible to pass around visiting and immerse ourself into the nomadic life of the many people that made this country possible. We believe that they represent the greatest strength of what life has become, and we are happy to introduce here few families we are proud to work with. Each having their very own place, animals grazing, the rhythm of their needs for fresh pastures and the daily tasks of taking care of their homes.

What is very interesting, is that all of those beautiful families have very unique landscapes and ways of living of the land. The culture of breeding and living with the animals as ancient as it is, takes a different approach whenever you settle among the sand dunes, the green valleys or the high mountains and their forested areas. For that, many stories will be told, landscapes to be explored from their locations, and many moments to share your own experience with them. It is a cultural exchange, a way to learn and listen, and be humbled by the resilience and the simple chosen path they carry in their heart.

Live And Share


Living for centuries under supreme nature conditions created its own combination of different lifestyles, traditions and cultures. Our journeys are a true human experience, built upon sharing, living together, and discovering their world.