Our priority is to bring to life the most unique trip experience to discover the nomads and untouched lands. To fulfill our dream, we make a point to not disturb, pollute, or disrupt Nature and the ancient ways and practices of those who chose to remain close to the land. For that, we developed a way to marry our wish with reality thanks to modern techniques and technologies, and create a unique opportunity to build beautifully decorated and Eco-Gers, Eco toilets, but also train and promote skillful partners to join our project. This is our way to making it sustainable for years to come. Our trips are made possible thanks to you and are the result of combining 2 fundamental cultures: one from the modern and developed world, and the other more organic, natural, and simple.

Traveling with us is making a connection with the nomadic heart, and sensible culture, but also meeting with the resilience and strength they developed during centuries by necessity, facing the wild and unpredictable weather of Mongolia. You will be right there together with the Mongols building relationships, and enjoying the most engaging treks and horse riding sessions in beautiful locations. 
Those places we chose have landscapes that do not repeat for a great overview of the country’s unique biodiversity. Those are supported by our outposts closely built to the nomad camps, about a hundred meters away for keeping both your privacy and comfort. We dismount the Ger outposts at the end of the season to allow the land to rest and keep the place pristine like it was before.

For your benefits, we include in our journeys varied activities to stay active and closer to Nature and yourself. Yoga, trekking, horse riding, and mindful meditation are part of your adventure together with the best meals and foods to spice up and cheer up your time. What the beauty about our trips is that you will be experiencing all those landscapes, cultures, and activities without disturbing the nomadic lifestyle of our close neighbors. We can even choose to be part of their own activities, observe and give a hand for daily things like milking, gathering the animals, or making dairy products.

You will be at the core of the nomadic life of the regions crossed, something we call being part of cultural exchange, when you will be immersed into their world, and welcomed with curiosity especially with the children of each family.
With your participation, we are proud to contribute to a better future for our families, by bringing up their own valued work and contributing to financing projects that matter for nomads. They are different from the world of the cities we live in, with an acute sense of resilience, pride, and freedom of living from their land. They are very adaptable by necessity when the weather and terrain are unforgiving in Mongolia. These journeys are amazing on so many levels, bringing insights about life, and how to grow as a human and receiving and giving, and shortening the gap between cultures and traditions.