What would differ from another country the experience that you would like to have within this place? As a travel, wildlife, nature, portrait photographer or enthusiast, what are the things to see, observe, and photograph in order to make a full picture of our beautiful country?

Well, for most countries you visit around the world, there are many cultural events to attend, wildlife to see, or other ways to create an amazing moment and experience overall around photography. Far from being a company of fixers for production companies, we as a travel agency focus on the beautiful and real traits of what makes Mongolia a definite interesting place to be, to experience and to photograph. We don’t claim to go everywhere in Mongolia, but instead we chose to develop key specific areas of the country - namely the Western territories - for their qualities in terms of amazing landscapes, various cultures and people to meet, and of course opportunities to observe Nature at its best: with its biodiversity, flora and fauna.


That means in practice, we would love to provide you with an amazing adventure experience of the land, with a touch of healthy activities, and photography or video opportunities. We developed it for giving you that a chance to create beautiful art where we are staying at, or traveling to.

Please refer to our page “DESTINATIONS” to know more about where we go to for that matter.

Our concept here is to introduce you to the culture or Mongolia, getting a real immersion to feel what is to live here, as well as combining few activities such as hiking, horse riding, or even mediations and yoga session together with your photography. It is not a journey designed for photos or videos only, but rather a beautiful mix for you to get a complete picture and a sense of what is our REAL Mongolia. Our joined photographer will be there to provide you with advices on settings, good angles, and few preparation ideas for you to have a wonderful time and bringing back some beautiful images.

Here you will have a chance to be around nomads in their very own territories, and when the occasion and the time are coming together to organize shoots, observe, and participate of the local life. Each of our locations have a unique potential for landscape, portraiture, storytelling, wildlife and bird photographers since they are all set remotely, far from other crowds, and provide an excellent start for adventures close to original Nature.


From the largest sand dunes of the West, to the highest mountain ranges, high plateaux and land of nomadism, forested areas, or around the water’s edge, a complete picture of Mongolia is within reach in a space of a few days. 
Here it is possible to witness the rapidly changing epic weather conditions, the culture and the ancient traditions, interesting faces and stories to share through images, some action packed events locally or at the Capital, intriguing animals that are so rare in our times, spirituality in its original form deep into the wilderness, and some delicacies we are proud to bring along for the foodies despite how far we are venturing out.

To give you an idea of the many possibilities the Mongolian West has to offer, here is a quick gallery from our photographer and tour developer who will be more than happy to answer all of your questions related to your art.

Landscapes And Cityscapes


Mongolia’s uniqueness is a dream place to photographer. For those who specialize or are interested into landscapes and cityscapes especially. There is this kind of raw, wild, and epic qualities that make most of the country ever so special for our art, because it provides tons of unique perspectives and angles, with fast-changing weather conditions that it is very possible to see within each trip, as the locals themselves call it “the four (4) seasons in one day”. This, associated with the various terrains provide a chance for the landscape photographers for amazing shots almost all-year long. 

One major quality of the places we promote on our trips, is the remoteness and singularity of the landscapes associated with the Western regions of the country. Here you can discover so many types of grounds that are available within just one short trip of a few days to bring back images that are all striking, and all unique. 

From the mostly flat steppes and high plateaux, to the highest mountains peaks, round hills, moody skies, landscapes and scenes with features of the nomadic lifestyle, the sand dunes stretching afar, beautiful quiet or stormy rivers, purest lakes, the dry periods of Spring, the greener Summer when mostly only the month of July provides the rain, to the changing colors of Fall, or the freezing and pure white features of the Winter, there are a lot to cover within just a few regions here.

For those specialized in epic sceneries, you will be able to encounter double rainbows around stormy days, the starry night sky (one of the purest ones) with we Milky Way visible with the naked eye (see Milky Way season in the Northern Hemisphere for preparing your trips dates, as well as the moon phases), moody skies contrasting with the landscapes and its colors, and snow storms that very few adventurers would dare to be around. 

And in all the cities, villages or at Capital, there will be chances to make interesting and striking photographs wether about the stillness, the quiet aspects or the busy life of the urban environment, or should we say the contrast that exists between the city and the deep countryside, that is definitely a big aspect of the Mongolian country to depict. 

People And Portraits


Any trip would not be completed without its shares of particular encounters. That means meeting interesting people, funny situations, and a focus on the ones that made the trip fantastic on many levels. For their uniqueness, the stories they provide, and of course the amazing portraits they can produce. 

For this you will be glad to have a pretty good range of opportunities. From the people that make your journey possible, our local partners that can always pose for the camera, to the random inquisitive neighbor showing up at our camp, or a family member, local people down the roads, or those you choose to document through your images with an intention and a plan… each has its very own story to tell. 

For most portraitures, it is not only a mere form of making an image based on the look, but capturing the soul, the singularity or the emotions of the person. A moment in a given time, the present or a reference to a past as well. 

A portrait is therefore a powerful document that bring us to who we are, our past, our emotions, our memories or experiences, a connection. 

That is why portraiture is an art in itself, that is and probably will ever be popular. 

With the help of our team, guides or even local partners, we want to help make those beautiful images come to life, because we know how important they can be.

Mongolian Culture


Just like any new immersion to a different country, here comes a new culture and traditions to witness. The Mongolian traditions are really strong, and it is actually easy to capture the essence of the local culture. From most of the nomadic related ways of life evolved from millennials, the differences between the minorities and ethnic groups, their very own traditions and costumes, faces, decorations and colors of their home, or the use of specific tools or even animals in the way they build, carry, graze or hunt, the ways of cooking their food, practicing their spirituality. There are many opportunities to depict the Mongolian pieces that make an amazing and really interesting global culture. 

In the end, this is a human adventure, and all the little things that helped to create and sustain life in this environment have their place to be documented. From a journalistic point of view or from the eye of the artist, there are so many ways, angles, and beautiful things to cover. 

This part is easily coming together with the other types of photography that are possible to make in Mongolia.  Often overlapping, they all bring together the feeling of being Mongolian, the experience and the attachment to the this land, combined with the History - ancient and modern - the choice of using either one or another way of life, religion practice, or types of animals in relation to the terrain etc.

Travel Experiences


When we talk about travel experience, we often overlook to document all the little details of what makes the travel either exciting, different or even that make it possible in the first place. In here, I would regroup many different aspects of the trip that doesn’t not necessarily involve the previous genres or topics specifically. For example, this would definitely include the in-between moments that are often missed by some photographers: what it takes to travel to Mongolia. In that regard, the road moments, the adventurous part of it, the challenges that the dirt roads provide (the off-road portion), driving in the sand, through the mud of deep snow for example. 

Or it could be a focus on the activities provided by the tour: the horse riding experience, the hikes and treks to reach a specific location, the meditations or yoga classes and practices right there in the wild, and food provided, or an emphasis on the relationship and stories of your team and co-travelers.

What some would call it “adventure photography” documenting the epic, the exploits of our travelers, we would bring it under the term of “experience photography”. Simply put, everything that combined together would make sense of all this trip, the glorious moments as well as the struggles, the beautiful and charming things, and the more adventurous and unique aspects of it. It can be focused on the people, as well as being a look through the eyes of the travel himself.

Photographic Journeys


Mongolia is a definite destination for photographers and videographers alike. Meeting the needs for the best shots for landscapes, adventure, travel, wildlife, portraits, and culture, the Land of the Eternal Blue Sky is an amazing opportunity for those who dare to explore and bring back unique and incredible shots. It is also an unforgiving land, where small mistakes in preparation can ruin a photo trip, or create really big challenges for the adventurer. So are you ready to bring back the best memories of your a lifetime?