Here we engage ourselves in providing the best possible advices, and cautions regarding our own preparation to your journey in Mongolia. As you may have already understood, we are a company of people dedicated to provide the best experience combining comfort, health, and practices that will benefit for your future. Here, we promote natural and safe ways of reaching your destinations, dealing with potential health issues during the trip, providing healthy foods, having a wide range of equipments and technologies that bring up the overall experience, together with the knowledge to make the best of your time.

Here will be regrouped most of the informations you need to know to make your journey successful. We include in this page all the necessary precautions to travel safely, some current regulations, and advices to prepare yourself for this adventure. 

A word about COVID-19 & recommendations

Reaching Your Destination


Paying attention to details is very important. And one of the first things you will see of your travel, and the part that guarantee most of your comfort and safety no matter where we go to the countryside is your vehicle. We have to give credit that the choice of your transportation is critical to a first impression, but also has a long lasting effect on your safety and health.

For that matter, we use all of our cars in the best conditions possible. With frequent and seasonal revisions and updates, our drivers and mechanics are all aware of their possibilities and maintain them so that you only have to focus on what’s on the road. We ensure to prevent mechanical failures, and obviously keep spare parts of critical gear inside the cars. This makes for a safer journey, and potential less time down the road if anything would happen, with possibilities to fix quickly. 
Our drivers are also proactive in the sense of often checking, and cleaning their vehicle throughout the tour.

The cars we chose for our adventures have to be reliable, robust and comfortable as possible. Mongolia and its pretty chaotic terrain needs only the strongest vehicles to cross. For that, the 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser styles of models are our choice. They have been proven excellent in this type of environment, and represent the best suited for our adventures. Especially chosen for their strengths, and high performance for crossing the countryside. Our vehicles at all of some of the newest generations, purchased between 2018 and 2021. Specifically, for a small group including 3 guests, the Toyota Landcruiser type 200 is the perfect compromise for comfort and high reliability. We purchased a model made in 2018 with the latest comfort equipment and luxury furnitures. It already has been proven safe and perfect for our journeys. The best possible vehicles we provide bring another level to the adventure, since you would feel less tired down the dirt paths, and this is definitely our choice and advantage over other tour agencies in the country. Our expeditions will be supported by the vehicles, to help you cross whatever type of terrain there will be, wether it is through mud, ice, crossing rivers, and rocky roads. The legendary Toyota quality and after sales service is ensured in Mongolia, and It made our choice even easier. There will be the presence of a support vehicle to carry most of our gear and other equipments and food during your trips, with another type of Toyota. For that we bring a robust Toyota Land Cruiser 76 or 78 with a large capacity that can bring anything up to the highest mountains. It guarantees the transportation of your team, the food safety with a freezer and all the items we need for this comfy experience.

About your comfort, we will provide enough cushion, including pillows and blankets in the car to provide you with a private cozy space for your drive-time. We also will give you water, and coffee whenever a small break is possible. Relay supermarkets are all around, when we do approach local province villages, and often not too far from our campsites. That means in practice, we can stop for refueling, for quick purchase of necessary items and snack if you wish, and never be too far from our destination. This to minimize the driving time, and maximize your moments on site and at the places that matter.

Our schedules are known in advance for our local partners and workers, and the camps are informed beforehand of your arrival. This way, and as soon as you arrive, you will be welcomed and ready to rest, or being served a fresh meal.

Comfort and Safety


Following your drive towards your destinations, we understand quality meals and ingredients are crucial for you to get enough rest, and energy to make it through your adventure. Also, what’s best to add some more pleasure to the mix with our dedicated cooks preparing delicious and healthy foods. To read more about the types of meals we provide (mostly organic, vegetarian and meat-based recipes), we invite you to visit our dedicated page here.

Food safety is a concern. Especially in Mongolia where hygiene has not been a strong suit for many centuries. We understand that food storage is one of the first keys to serve proper nutritious and fresh foods all around. It first starts with our vehicles and their capacity to store inside of their coolers (active electric coolers) the precious ingredients needed. This allows us to bring from the Capital as well as from the local market the most fresh foods you can have throughout your journey. 
It also has to be prepared and served just right. For this, we trained our cooks to modern ways of preparing the meals, respecting our internal chart of hygiene practices. Hands must be washed and sanitized, and the tools and equipments washed before all the cooking takes place. At camps and also in the remote locations we camp to. 

The same practices apply for the use of water - notably with the use of water filters from Katadyn the worldwide reliable systems - and wherever we do camp using only environmental friendly soaps, biodegradable materials for personal hygiene, to carefully select the toilet location in the wild. Your hygiene as well as the impact we have on the Nature should be the smoother the better. The idea of camping “without leaving any trace” applies here. For your personal use, we shall also provide you with a small toiletry bag, including extra hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes and biodegradable toilet paper as we engage our travelers to do the same for our world. They will be provided throughout the trip to remind ourselves we are limiting our impact no matter what activity we do.

Dealing with


We know going for adventures also bring its shares of risks. That is why we are aware that keeping in touch in an emergency scenario is one of the most important tool we have in our disposal.

For that, the choice of our destinations has been a factor. As we mentioned it previously, we selected locations that are within reach and support of a local provincial village no matter what. As we venture to deeper countryside, and remote and wild landscapes, be at ease that we would still remain quite comfortably within reach of a few hours of the nearest village. That means finding network a better chance, and if need be, a local hospital. The farthest place to consult would be within 4 to 5 hours down the dirt paths. As a first response - our tour leaders are trained to provide first aid support if the need arise. Our vehicles have at all times a kit to support this. And during the hike, we also bring in our backpacks the necessary items in this case. 

Cell phone coverage may not be that good or totally out between mountains, and to counter this issue, we will also bring satellite phones for the most remote trips.

This way, be ensured to get the contact going no matter what. In most of our locations, cell phone coverage as well as access to Internet Data can be easily found, closer to the villages, or just within few steps onto the hills near our camps. There is always this joke about some mountains we named after the cell carriers companies, because they provide the ideal spot in the whole region to get a proper signal, make a call, or checking social medias if that’s what you want!

Preventing some injuries and similar scenarios involve our attention to other elements such as the selection of our equipment, the care for it, but also to our animals. In that regard, our team and the local nomads we work with pay a special attention to the horses we ride so that a wrong move, or scare from the animal can be avoided. In this scenario, we regrouped most of our informations in the pages related to the activities of Horseriding and Hiking in Mongolia with our service. It is valuable to have an overview of those if you wish to prepare yourself for this incredible journey.

Lastly, we do have a healthy habit to be proactive in the field. In this we can use various ways to prevent injuries or discomfort by providing some necessary combinations of stretch and yoga quick practices to help relieve potential fatigue or pain. Our team will be more than happy to share their tips with you, whenever you need to take a break from a hike or horse ride.

Technologies to Support


Other than the necessary equipment we mentioned on our Horseriding and Trekking activities pages, we do bring along or use on location several other technologies to ensure your comfort and safety in our trips.

From an iPad at your disposal to check the local maps we built and showing you the itinerary information, as well as for your own entertainment down the road, we built systems to make the remote locations a little more comfortable. 
This goes for the preparation of your trip with extra items specific for your activity (some chaps, knee protection, or belt for your back support) - those can be requested before your trip starts - to the much needed Yoga mats, towels, camping equipments (such as tents, mats, comfy sleeping bags, pillows, chairs, tables, cooking and cutlery sets, cups, coffee makers and pots), extra locally made blankets usable for the driving time or in your private space at camps, or a small lightweight dry bag we provide for your own belongings, to protect your clothes or electronics on the move.

Besides all of this, we make the most to provide you with the warmest feeling of being at home, with the use of tent showers so you can relax after a long day discovering the country, or installing solar panels with a dedicated power supply that can charge any small appliance to a laptop to our coolers to keep up with your need of energy. 


If you have more questions about the preparation of your trip to Mongolia, about your safety and other means of making your journey incredible and comfy, please feel free to reach out here, and we will have the pleasure to connect with you as soon as possible!