During the Buddhist schoolings, children who are learning remain in a very strict environment and discipline, usually separated from the rest of the Society, in order to keep them from learning other habits and traditions that are those of the Society. Because it is believed to be the source of the mind capture and a compressed way of thinking, limiting of ways and feelings, Buddhism teaches us to be out of this limited version of personal development. Therefore, it is possible to expand the ways of communicating with others and enhance understanding. Buddhism teachings are a way to a favorable development, a remedy to an unstable way of living. The schooling of the young lamas in this philosophy is actually about studying society's background and matters, knowing about the people's struggles, and the limits of the mind. The concept of mindfulness comes from this idea, about the mind-oriented Society. But exist another way of teaching and experiencing life, much simpler in its approach. It could be seen as simple as how a child responds to life and knows instantly who are his parents. In this example, and until the age of 8, the concepts of being human, having brothers and sisters are already part of him/her. By living together, observing, and reacting to their behavior, the child expresses a natural way his emotions like anger or happiness very openly and without a struggle. This is an inherent talent of the child, a prodigy of a kind.

Similar to this idea, Tantra Buddhism has a very natural approach, based around the original capabilities of a person, and chooses the path of a meditative way of living. To be simply present with our own Nature. The truth of most people who live in Society put the mind on a pedestal, and believe the Society as being the Creator and source of life. This orientation makes them become weak, as they are placing themselves second, or third. When a child is keeping his original nature and comportment, he/she is close to the original prodigy. Therefore the concept of Tantra is about acting in a different way that Society intended, using very natural techniques and meditations. To describe it, it is more about using the mind and not being a slave of it. It is knowing that you are born within your own freedom and smartly, not the result of a product of Society. Therefore within the practice of Tantra, people start using their very own ways of development, called “mindfulness”, the act of creating something without effort or trouble. Tantra has been schooled very actively for the last five centuries in Mongolia, with numerous Tantra Masters being written about in the Buddhist history of the country.

Tantra is also about the beliefs and the meditations about the source of life and rebirth. Within the reincarnation, the person is capable to carry his Tantra, a part of the truth of being a prodigy to carry on. Therefore, it is very important in Buddhism to understand the concept of Karma and our very long cycles of births and reincarnations. For most people, it is very hard to gain an understanding with a limited mind and reinforced by the common education system. But there always is a wonder how children can produce masterpieces at a certain age, argue, being upset, showing deep regrets, knowledge, and practice their emotions. In regular human signs, it is being usually said that kids are unconscious. However, they show some signs that are normally shown in adulthood only. How can children be so quick to learn and show those abilities this way?

This should be the manifestation of some schooling and repeating the behaviors they had from previous lives. This giving a truly unique personality to each child. As if the personal individuality of each child, has been already decided before his birth.


Gobi Mountain Lake LLC shares links with a Tantric meditation club: Smile Mongolia since its beginning. The club has been founded upon the principles of every member living freely his own life, and during their free time, meditate together with Tantra. One of the goals of the club is to help to find and to support their emotions in a new way, promote traveling together among beautiful natures of Mongolia, to stay active and healthy. Nowadays, when people search for Tantra and its meaning, it is common to find surface knowledge and some truths about the practice. But the deep truth of Tantrism never became a public study nor released because of beliefs of humans into their own common society. One of the common understandings today is that a man and woman share each other through deep love. This is only a symbol. Because a man alone cannot represent fully himself, he needs a woman to become whole. The same goes for the woman. In common teaching of Tantra says we should train very consciously about the fact that we are the result of “giving and taking”. We became ourselves from the world and from society. That means the truth about us is we need to be a higher person and share this with others at the same time.

The issue with Society is, that after living among it for a while, we became somehow closed and more careful people, therefore setting our own limits on ourselves. We started to hide our emotions and closing our own connections and ways to find the sources of pure nature and energy, reading and understanding others. Closing a window of our Natural abilities. Children do not bear this issue until they are schooled and told to behave in Society. Tantra is becoming a symbol because this source of connection is exactly the same as the feeling a man has for a woman: a deep and strong bond that works independently from Society’s evolution. This connection will never be lost. It is one of the strongest emotional connections between people, and it reminds us about our true nature and our need to communicate with others and interacts with things. Which remembers us to never close communications and doors towards another. Tantra is about mastering and reopening the possible sources within you, to gain and give more from and to others.