Gobi Mountain Lake is an official Eco-Police member-ranger for its travel destinations, and recently obtained certification for that matter. We are very proud of our engagement. In recent years, the Western territories have finally been connected with the Capital city by a new network of paved roads, and this driving more and more locals as well as foreigners to the West, generates a fair amount of challenges both for traffic but also for the environment.

The objective was to get Mongolians to be more and more sensible to eco-practices and facing the challenge of traveling without disturbing the land. This is why we have been looking for local partners to support this eco-based project, and reached out to the "Mongolian Eco-Police, a branch of the State Police specialized in this question. The Eco-Police trains and give courses and lectures to companies in order to fulfill an Eco engagement and good practices in order to travel safely and respect Nature. 
That is how we came to be an official partner of the Mongolian Eco-Police organization, and be responsible for keeping the surroundings clean and exactly the way we have seen it during our journeys. We also engage ourselves in giving advice and education on how to protect the land from pollution and destruction. 

This made it possible for Mongolians to start fulfilling their long-time wishes of traveling through the country, and see many natural wonders. Places that were taking several days to reach are now accessible more than ever by the roads.
This increase in traffic out in the countryside starts now to show new trails being created, and with its new negative effects to impact the national parks and other protected places. Ecosystem management, garbage management still haven’t been developed yet in Mongolia. And there is no current project especially financed and managed by the Government. This is a major issue that is facing Mongolia, especially dealing with upcoming years of potential domestic travels throughout the country. 
This problem will be faced mostly first by the local travel companies and tour operators. 
Being educated on this topic, and as part of being a  Mongolian travel company, we started working together towards developing a garbage management system at 2 protected areas such as the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park (the most western National Park in the country) and Tarvagatai Range National Park. And we are dedicated to learn and continue on other similar projects that will concern the other protected areas and NP among our travel destinations.
That is why in the Bayan-Ulgii far western Province, where is found the magnificent scenic landscapes of Mongolia and its “Altai Tavan Bogd National Park”, we are partnering with local families and local authorities to help protect wildlife,  as well as the land being a Local Protected Area by supporting the “Waste Management” practices, and to give our guests an opportunity to join in these efforts.
Education and perseverance are really the keys to change minds and adopt those good new resolutions, and it is our small contribution to help to preserve the wilderness country like it should be remaining, as original and virgin. That is a way of preserving the identity of Mongolia we dearly cherish: a beautiful country, rugged and remote with incredible pure landscapes that attract so much attention worldwide, for a good reason.