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The Advantages of Nomadic Art Travel

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Our team is made up of people who have got best professional experiences and enjoy their job.

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We can create the incredible experience you desire as we are very flexible in how we design our tours. Our packages unlike any others.

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We gratefully make a contribution to develop sustainable tourism in Mongolia and care to protect the environment at all level of our operation.

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Our price doesn't include any middleman fee as we deal with you directly. We provide as healthy food, safe and comfortable an experience.

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Robin Baire

Seeing the Orkhon Valley, was an amazing experience. Horse guides were friendly, very helpful and careful with us. The horses are strong little animals. But what really made the trip for me and my travel companions, was our guide Dagva Jambatseren. Her knowledge of the history of Mongolia and her cultural guidance and gentle manner was wonderful. We felt very well taken care of while exploring a wild and beautiful place.

Robin Baire Clinical Herbalist/Landscaper
Iris & Gillas

It's been a while since our holiday and we back to our work and "regular life". But we still carry a lot of the experience from Mongolia in us. It's only afterwards, when you talk to other people about what you experienced, that you relize how unique these holidays were. Thank you so much again for unforgettable two weeks in your beautiful country! We will never forget the bumpy roads, the hospitality of the nomads, the taste of the Airag, the Yak butter and the sweet dried joghurt, singing around campfire with Ochiro, the view on Khuvsgul lake and all we learn from you about Buddhism. We happily recommend your service to other people.

Iris & Gillas
Lori Kutlik

While in Mongolia, I met the most beautiful people. They were kind, generous, loving, and joyful. Dagva was one of these people. Thank you Dagva. We all feel very blessed to have had you for our guide. The joy that you are, eminates to all around you. Your open heart is a gift to all who know you. I am ever grateful to call you a very dear friend and I hope to see you again soon. I want to come back. And I want to do some of the other of trips offered. I am hoping some of my friends will join me. I am asking the universe to help make it happen. Love and hugs!!!!

Lori Kutlik Energetic Therapist
Bettina Hammant

Dear Davka, Thank you so much for your guidance during the last 14 days, you have been amazing. I have done a lot of travelling and you are the best guide I have had. Thank you. Please keep me informed about your plans for the future and any trips you are involved in. I hope to come to Mongolia again soon. Best wishes. xxx

Bettina Hammant

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